"Something different comes to me everytime I caught a picture or some words from you. Even after so long, even 'though I haven't talked to you yet, and even probably you'll never read this on time, I must tell you that I feel as if I'd be falling in love with you. Don't know why exactly. But I'm starting to believe in dreams and someone's strength again.

I'd really like to stare at you: your eyes, your mouth, your skin; the veins in your arms, your fingers. Just to stay looking at you for hours, even 'though you couldn't look at me. Each passing day, my needing to know your smell raises more and more. Oh, how I need to know you, how I need to get you back in my life..."

She closed the leaf slowly and sat down on the floor. Something different was rising up inside her, something she had never expected to feel again, since she stopped being a child.

She smiled, lay down on the grass and started woolgathering. Again. Exactly the same way it was many, many years ago.

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